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i drew a smiley face on my nipple


2011-05-29 09:25:16 by Strongbow

this is a story about my weekend...i got in a lot of trouble.

so and my girlfriend were invited to this party that one of her friends was we got some alcohol for it, a crate of san miguel and a bottle of cherry sourz, cos we'd never had it before and it was pretty cheap

so we get to the party, have a few bottles of san miguel and we're feeling grand, we're not drunk but i'm feeling really popular because people at this party know my band and some of them have got our EP, so i'm feeling like a celebrity, and chloe (my girlfriend) is feeling like an absolute WAG

so we open the cherry sourz, do a shot each and fuck me...this is where it all went downhill

cherry sourz is the most amazing drink ever...and it doesn't even taste like alcohol. we sort of forgot that it was VERY potent and in the next half hour, me and chloe were HAMMERED

so i get talking to these guys who i used to be pretty scared of cos they're absolute bruisers and i piss a lot of people off, but it turns out they're pretty cool guys, so that's safe

ANYWAY...end of the party, chloe tells me she's staying at mine, which is fine. so we've got like a 2 mile walk to make to get back to my house, and we're both stupidly drunk, and chloe has got a bottle of san miguel in her hand.

bear in mind, we're 16, which means it's illegal for us to drink unsupervised, and friday nights in our town are generally hectic because our town is known locally as basically scrotum paradise (anyone from north west england, heard of leigh?)

so yeah there's police about, but we don't see any so we're feeling pretty good...
we get back to mine at about 1am, i'm all for jumping straight in bed and going to sleep, but chloe doesn't want to...she wants to stay up and party more

don't worry, this isn't going to turn into a cringy sex story

so we do, and at around 4am, i go outside for some reason, and there's a fucking POLICE HELICOPTER hovering directly above my house.
i'm not really bothered tho at this point because i'm loving my life...

but in the morning, me and chloe have been up all night, but somehow she's completely sobered up and i'm still wrecked. so it's about 11am on a saturday morning, i am shitfaced beyond recognition and i take my girlfriend back to her house...

i'm on my way back home when a fucking police car speeds in front of me, this guy gets up and arrests me, tells me they know i've been drinking underage and they think i've raped my girlfriend (just saying, we didn't even have sex)

so yeah my life is a fucking tragedy at this point, but luckily my mum comes and saves the day and now everything (legally) is fine, even though my mum hates me hahahahah

pic related: drunk


life's good

2011-05-28 11:01:55 by Strongbow

is good

seriously though

2011-05-25 17:46:07 by Strongbow

how buff and hot am i

seriously though

nigel de jong is my hero

2011-05-20 15:39:26 by Strongbow

so, most of the guys here are from the USA, most of the guys from the UK here won't be into football, and the ones who are most likely won't support this news post is irrelevant completely

but anyway, for the last week or so i've been celebrating manchester city football club's best season ever, and provided we win at bolton on sunday, we'll be at the highest position in the leage since 1977...which is good i suppose ;)

and here's the man who did it all, in my opinion
the biggest contributor to the entire club, EVER, i think, and he's such a hard worker that he deserves some recognition

i've voted for him for etihad player of the year, and nigel de jong, i salute you <3

nigel de jong is my hero

herro newgrounds
i've not been on here in ages! well, i've not been on here ever since i stopped being a little shit...

so yeah might make a comeback
i'm talking like people will read this haaaaaaa

anyway, if anyone does read this, this is what i've been doing for the last two years -

joined a funk-rock fusion band, we're called AFAO or flawless victory or something stupid like that
we've been gigging regularly, made a name of ourselves locally but nothing major

got my nipple pierced and got a tattoo...oh boy that was fun

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I GOT A SOCIAL LIFE. i got friends, i got a girlfriend, and found 'popularity' at school and loads of people think i'm boss now

i don't know how to use tumblr and i don't understand what it's for, just throwing that out there also

yeah over the last few days i purchased FL studio, been having some fun with it because i got into dubstep (like everyone else) so i've been giving that a pop

can't get the automation clips perfect yet tho so i've been messing about with other genres, put a crunky loop thing through audio portal but it needs to be checked or something but should be up soon :)

so talk to me newgrounds :)
that's how i'm feeling this morning (2am) and this is how i'm looking:

i'm back? who missed me? nobody cos you didn't know i existed in the first place